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This is a tabletop RPG about "daring knights and heroic ladies", focusing on a mixture of dramatic quests, court intrigue, and domain/family management.

It is formatted as a single-page, double-sided TRI-FOLD.

The game is inspired by Fate Accelerated, Gumshoe, and King Arthur Pendragon.

Characters are built from four different components.

  • Manners focus on "how" not "what" the character does. They provide both a static bonus to rolls and a Pool of points that is damaged in conflicts (and can be spent from to enhance rolls)
  • Drives, which represent Passions and inner Motivations. This has both a carrot and a stick element, to try and encourage the players to behave in "knightly" ways, without overtly limiting their options.
  • The Arts. These provide information and clues as long as the character has any points in the Art, without needing to roll. And the points can be spent to give a big boost to rolls or for minor narrative control.
  • Dynasty represents both wealth and the retainers and hangers-on that any character will have.

The basic system is a d6+mods vs difficulty. The base modifier comes from the Manner used, but points can be spent from the Pools of Manners, Arts, or Dynasty to get bonuses, and Drives provide bonuses/penalties depending on the situation.

Additional supplements will be released later on with additional GM advice, Adversaries, as well as rules for more detailed Manor Management. Anyone who downloads this product will automatically receive all those supplements as updates.


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Round Table Core Rules v0.4.0.pdf 3 MB
Round Table Character Sheet v0.4.0.pdf 1 MB


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Like it. A King Arthur Pendragon lite...


*How do Art Pools work for Dynasty NPCs? (As Manner Pool?) And where do write them on sheet? 

Isnt always better to create NPC on spot (at cost Dynasty Point) and use his Dynasty Point as Matter Pool, instead of spending Dynasty Point as Matter Pool?

* How does the Year End Phase work?

What are the rules for shield? (+1 armor?)

Why the refresh tokens, those rules look bit out of place? Kinda forces a 'must take everyone out' mentality.

How does Wealth work?

How does Time work compared to adventurers (Pool refresh 1/week, Arts per adventure, Status per Year, Year End Phase)?

Yearly glory: Status drop will never happen for high status character due status bonus? Intentional?


* Drives can never change?

* Do you ever get kids from Marrying?

* Is Improve Domain (1 Dynasty/year per Glory) not always better than Dynasty (2 Dynasty once per Glory)?

minor typo: thier turn

Please accept my many comment as compliment on nice work.